Learn how to thrive, and not just survive

Every marketer sets out with the same dream of trying to change the world (ok, perhaps a tad extreme but we’re ambitious folk); but essentially, it’s the sort of creative, visionary marketing that sets the world alight that we strive for.

But in trying to achieve this, it’s never quite plain sailing, is it? The to-do list is forever growing, whilst the time we have to do it in is forever shrinking – so how do you strike that right balance to ensure you’re being the most effective you can be?

According to the Content Marketing Association, only half of marketers believe it is possible to accurately measure content marketing’s return on investment. But, in reality are we’re shooting ourselves in the foot by treating content marketing as a separate form of communication? Mark Ritson, a columnist for Marketing Week believes so and recently said; “The problem appears to be content marketers who, in a modern version of marketing myopia, seem to think that their reason for existence is to create content, rather than communicate with clients and sell stuff”.

Furthermore, are we actually compromising what we do for the sake of appeasing others? Many marketers fall into the trap of churning out content for content’s sake because their stakeholders believe it’s the best way to keep things ticking along. But the quantity of content assets should not be the measure of success – we’re going to run ourselves into the ground if it is!

We believe brands need to dare to be different and focus on quality over quantity. Stop and analyse if what you’re doing is actually having real business impact. The real question you have to ask yourself is; ‘Is my content marketing targeted and effective?’  This is what’s going to differentiate you and help you stand out from the crowd. Discover how to get your marketing mojo back and you’ll reap the benefits – a happier more productive team, marketing campaigns that deliver real business value and a huge pipeline of leads that your sales team will love you for.

Download our guide ‘Get your marketing mojo backfor some practical tips on how to thrive, and not just survive, by taking a good long look at your marketing activity and fixing what’s not working.