LinkedIn for lead generation

Sure, it’s become known for executive humblebrags and ‘diaries’ from people who claim to be in the gym at 4am. But LinkedIn is still a marketer’s best friend when used properly.

Among its membership, LinkedIn counts executives from every Fortune 500 company. Users have an average household income of £80,000. And more than half of them are at senior-management level.

Basically, LinkedIn users are affluent, experienced, ambitious and influential – and are frequently decision makers within their businesses.

LinkedIn is also arguably the most useful social channel for B2B marketers. In terms of lead generation, it’s far easier to prove ROI on a paid LinkedIn campaign than with its nearest competitor, Twitter, which is better suited to brand awareness.

But when planning and delivering paid LinkedIn campaigns, many marketers are starting from scratch, with very little knowledge of what will help them achieve their campaign goals. Like properly setting targets for campaigns and reporting on how they’ve been met (or not).

We’ve created a guide to doing just that, with advice from OG paid social experts and a case study of a campaign we ran with our client Earth-I, a satellite mapping service.

The guide includes:

  • Why LinkedIn Sponsored Updates work
  • A step-by-step guide to creating a successful ad
  • Tips for getting the most out of sponsored posts
  • A case study of the Earth-i campaign that won a LinkedIn Marketing Award

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