Looking on the bright side: finding the good in 2020

‘2020 was an unprecedented year, filled with x and y..’ Yep, we know – we all lived through it, and by now we’re all too aware of the knock-on effect. So why revisit it?

Well, 2020 did throw up some positives. The year had its moments, and there certainly were some takeaways. All things considered, some of our predictions weren’t too off the mark, and now we’ve survived it, we’ll also have a better estimate of this year ahead too… right? 

‘The needle will swing back towards creativity’ 

The first item from our 2020 predictions piece is a win –  this definitely happened. We all had enough time on our hands to champion our creativity last year, and lots of us tried learning new skills or furthering the knowledge we already had, whether that was banana bread or B2B marketing. 

‘Downtime’ messaging became a hallmark of 2020 too, as a way of connecting with our clients and customers while things were slow. This of course went hand in hand with automation, which allowed for even more creative or strategic involvement instead. 

‘Marketers will develop a customer-first mentality’

2020 proved the vital importance of customer connectivity. With so much cancelled, postponed, moved or put on hold, reminding your base that you’re still alive and kicking (even without something to sell) is more important than ever. 

And with people locked away by themselves, without aspects of a social life, the sad reality is there’s not as much to talk about. A quirky mailer from your favourite coffee shop, or a lifting message from your insurance provider, just became the hot topic of conversation. And if that doesn’t encapsulate just how entertaining 2020 was, I don’t know what will. 

‘Influencer marketing will change and grow’

Word-of-mouth marketing and influencers kinda go hand in hand. They’re basically living, breathing WOM machines, and definitely not to be sniffed at. 

As we envisaged, influencer marketing has changed considerably over the last year. While celebrities still have their partnerships and sponsorships, the focus has very much moved towards organic influencers, the common man, the ‘typical’ consumer. B2B speaking, micro-influencers with a more concentrated following may prove vital in the promotion of such products and tools, and harnessing their power cannot be overlooked.

‘Data and privacy will become even more pertinent’

Yep, everybody’s favourite buzzwords will continue to be key (as it has for the last decade) with the need for data, and resulting privacy, even more important in 2021. GDPR, Cambridge Analytica, new regulations such as EU Data Privacy, never-ending cookie requests – data and privacy have been mainstays of the last few years. 

Back in July, Apple kicked things into touch for many advertisers and app developers with a new privacy feature. The update allows iPhone users to block their favourite apps and services from accessing their Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) number. That means targeted ads and activity tracking could be greatly affected. 


Stay tuned for more on what this means, it’s likely to be a hot topic and very much on the lips of the marketing world.