How we make flexible working work

Work life balance is really important to Octopus Group. Here’s how our flexible working policy helps people across the business manage all of their commitments.

Life doesn’t stop during work hours. Whether it’s an early gym class, an important personal appointment or a last-minute school run, sometimes we all need a bit of wiggle room around the 9 to 5.

Nowadays, flexible working isn’t seen as a perk anymore, it’s necessary to cultivate an environment where employees feel looked after, cared for and respected. We understand a true work/life balance is important to our employees and we place great importance on that.

Which means that our approach to flexible working runs across our business. At least 65% of Octopus Group staff work flexibly, including part-time, flexitime, staggered hours, job sharing or remote working.

Senior Account Executive:

“It’s a great feeling to have an employer that supports you outside of work, not just while you’re in the office. It’s a relief to be able to work around hospital appointments, and I can often arrange to work from home, rather than having to take a sick day. It does put your mind at ease to know that Octopus Group cares about our wellbeing. On a lighter note – flexible working does come in handy when you need to be home for a plumber when your shower breaks!”

Account Director:

“As an account lead it’s important I have as much contact with my team and clients as possible. But, when I do need to work from home Octopus Group supports this where feasible so that it’s mutually beneficial.”


“We have a busy, vibrant office environment. But sometimes when I need to get my head down, it’s good to get away from it all. That the company supports that with flexible working is vital.”

We’ve invested a lot in the technology we need to support these ways of working. All of our team communication and chat happens on Workplace. We use Paprika for all timesheets and expenses. Our Creative team use Wrike as a tool to manage all their projects and save work files. Because all of these tools are in the cloud, they can be accessed from anywhere, even on mobile.  

But it’s not about having the right tech to make flexible working easy and seamless. It’s about having the right attitude, too. One of our company values is trust and support across the business and we embed that attitude into everything we do. We believe in creating supportive relationships so that we can trust people to perform to the best of their ability no matter where they may be physically.

If anything, trust is the most crucial thing. If you can rely on your teammate to knock it out of the park whether they’re at their dining table, their desk or their local coffee shop, then finding the tools to support that is the easy part.

It means that Octopedes can do what they need to maintain a fulfilling l work/life balance. With the right technology, a supportive structure, regular contact and trusting relationships, our staff can flourish in the office and out of it.