Make the most of your marketing internship

You’ve filled your CV with great experience and have an amazing opportunity to network with people in your field. Most importantly, you’re getting your foot in the door at a company you’re really interested in and increasing your chances of landing a full-time job in the industry you’re drawn to.

So… now what?

I’m just over a month into my internship at Octopus Group, and it’s already apparent that the 3 months are going to fly by, as a result I’ve been thinking about how I can make the most out of my time here. So, take a break from those mind-numbingly long application forms, and read my 5 tips on making the most of your marketing internship.

  1. Treat it as a permanent job

    Think of your internship as an extended interview. It should go without saying but, show commitment, be professional, turn up on time, and complete every task with excellence. As well as this, try and be aware of the company as a whole. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the work going on in your team, and not see the bigger picture. Understanding why, not just what will allow you to see the bigger picture and the impact the task will have. And you’ll be able to work more effectively with colleagues across the business.

  2. Ask questions

    This is your chance to learn. Seek advice and raise questions whenever you encounter something you aren’t familiar with. In addition to this, think in advance, of questions to ask. If you are meeting with a peer or superior, think of thoughtful questions you can ask to demonstrate you’ve prepared for the meeting and respect their time. In meetings, when you hear someone ask a great, conversation-altering question, write it down and reflect on what made is to special.

  3. Watch and learn

    Actively listen and soak up information. Pay attention to industry buzz words and acronyms, and learn what they all mean. Absorb as much as you can, but make notes. Your internship will go by in a blur and by making notes of what you’re working on and what skills you are gaining, you’ll have a great reference point for future job applications and it will help you when updating your CV.

  4. Network

    You’ve got a rare opportunity of being surrounded by people actually working in your desired field. Talk to as many people as possible, ask them questions about how they got where they are, and get some real, tried-and-tested advice. And you never know, the contacts you make now could be used as a career builder for your future. The added benefit to this is that you’ll quickly get to know who does what and, (back to tip no. 2) when you have a question, not only will you know who to ask, they’re going to be much more eager to help you out.

  5. Enjoy Yourself

    My internship has been a great experience so far. Make the most out of the opportunity, and make friends and connections. And if you don’t enjoy it – don’t worry! Allow yourself to take the experience for what it is. Whether you enjoy it or not there is always something to learn and take with you.