Marketing in the era of the Breathless Business: The webinar

Last week, our very own Billy Hamilton-Stent introduced the findings of our Breathless Business report during a webinar hosted by B2B Marketing. After the presentation, listeners had the opportunity to ask questions live on the webinar – here’s a summary of what was asked:

On competition

A listener questioned the necessity of knowing all about the competitors that their customers are also working with.  Billy suggested that looking at why customers are purchasing from another business gives a better insight on disruptive elements, not just who they are buying from. The customer provides a rich source of insight that can provide a key elements of a disruptive marketing strategy.

Disruptive v. Opinionated

One listener was interested in disruption to stand out from the crowd. Billy commented that there’s a major difference between being opinionated and disruptive: if the first simply is holding a view that is contrary to the norm, it isn’t disruptive. If you authenticate that view on the service or proposition you hold, this will encourage disruption.

The space of creativity in marketing

One of the main findings of the Breathless Business report was the change in CMOs and Comms Execs’ strongest area of expertise: Creativity was the top area last year (38%), but technology overtook it this year (46%). One listener asked – as it looks like we are moving to a more operational, software oriented discipline, is creativity still important? Billy’s view was that a good campaign idea leads to exponential returns, which is the reason why creativity is valued in business.

If you’d like to know more about our Breathless Business study, you can download it here. The webinar is also available to listen in full here.