Meet Cloudberry, Stockholm

Madelene cloudberryOur ION blog series continues as Madelene Kornfehl, partner at Cloudberry, gives a run down of the comms scene in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Tell us about your agency
Cloudberry is a Stockholm-based PR agency that covers the Nordic region. Our clients share our passion for tech, innovation and sustainability.

What are the advantages of being part of an international network?
The Nordics is a small yet attractive market for foreign, innovative companies to test new concepts and products. So our international outreach has always been an important part of our business growth.

Being part of a wider network helps us keep up-to-date with trends in other markets, and gives us the opportunity to work in an international environment. The majority of our new business comes from the international network, and we take great value from the opportunities ION members share with us.

In what circumstances should clients working on international campaigns opt for an international network?
Our experience shows that wholly owned agencies operating across many different countries are individual entities competing for business with each other.

By using an international network, clients get to work with boutique agencies that are truly experts in their fields and markets. And are more fun to work with…

Can you tell us about some of the current trends in your region?
The success of Spotify, Klarna and Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, has boosted the Nordic tech scene and attracted huge amounts of foreign interest and investment. It’s fun to work in tech PR in Sweden today. New innovations pop-up all the time, and the future is optimistic.

Are there any challenges?
The largest challenge is keeping up with the digitalisation of the communications landscape, and taking on the advantages that data provides the profession, while adapting the organisation and the client’s prioritisations to these changes.

What communications mistakes might a foreign agency, with limited understanding of your region, make?
It is important to understand that one size never fits all, and that you need to be humble to local peculiarities.

How are changes to the media landscape affecting the work that you do?
The media landscape can be compared to a pendulum. Today while the big publishing houses are struggling with the digitalisation of the industry, we see the rise of many, smaller vertical publications.

What sets good agencies apart in your region? What do they offer?
The standard of deliverables and level of communication across all agencies in the Nordics is high. Hence it is important to find a team and structure with the right mix of skills and attitude that fits your communications goals.

Got any news to shout about?
In the last few months, we’ve initiated a partnership with AI-podden, and a podcast on developments in AI. Our colleague Anna Ringborg asks AI expert Phd. Ather Gattami everything you need to know about AI, but were too afraid to ask. It’s an effort to make AI more accessible to a broader audience.

We’ve also started a lifestyle community with a news site, and social media called ‘Moderna Livet‘ covering all aspects of the modern city lifestyle; from restaurant reviews to health tips, such as how to cope with stress.

Last but not least, we moved into the WeWork community in Stockholm this summer, and last week we hosted a housewarming on our roof terrace.

In this series, we hear from ION agencies based in different international locations to find out about local opportunities and challenges in PR, as well as news and trends. Octopus Group’s ION network is our international network of top-class PR and comms consultancies. We work together to provide our clients with local specialism in whichever region they’re targeting.