So National Octopus Day is a thing

We’ve all seen those lists. The ones which celebrate ‘special’ days of the year. Friday was apparently ‘National Get Funky Day’, so we probably should’ve put some funk and soul on the office radio rather than the (no doubt) cringe-worthy 90s pop.

However, we hope that you give us a free pass and allow us to be inspired by one of these days. Yes, that day happens to be today. Yes, that’s what this blog is about. Yes, it’s National Octopus Day.

I’ll repeat that. It’s National Octopus Day. Yes!

Octopuses (this is the correct plural, by the way) are amazing animals. They have blue blood, 9 brains, thousands of suckers and can camouflage themselves because they have ‘eyes’ in their skin. While this doesn’t sound like anyone you typically see around the OG offices (not even Giles in BD) there is one trait that fits us down to the ground – in addition to their fantastic intelligence, of course.

To pump all of that strange blood around octopuses have three hearts. Allowing us some creative license, that’s exactly like our business. We have three values that are at the heart of everything we do and are why we are one of PR Week’s Best Places to Work.

  1. Trust and support across the business
    We have a culture of trust, where openness, commitment and common sense are the norm. Such attributes aren’t often associated with PR agencies, so we’re proud to have built a UK top ten tech agency that champions such behaviour. Each person has the room to own their work and is therefore integral to the business, no matter their job title. Thanks to this we all pull together, working effectively as a team to deliver for our clients.
  2. Space to build confidence and challenge the norm
    To do this we need insight, creativity and knowledge by the bucket-load. Lucky for us then that we have some of the best in the business under our roof. Our research agency Loudhouse gives us and our clients the industry understanding that we need to excel. Our design and copy teams take what some may consider to be ‘tough B2B sells’ and turn them into inspirational creative. And the lead generation and PR teams bring this to market, placing our clients at the forefront of their industries through great campaigns. This range of capabilities is rarely found in one agency and means us Octopedes are a highly skilled bunch, with expertise across all aspects of comms, from strategy and design through to roll-out.
  3. Recognise the exceptional at every level
    We believe people should be able to kick on, kick ass and feel good about it. We all try to get out of our comfort zone as much as possible at Octopus Group. It means we improve all the time and approach our work with motivation and not a small amount of bravery. When all the great works of communication are referenced, bravery is the trait they all have in common. So by either getting involved in a new discipline or by leading on a newly won project, we make sure it’s a part of our everyday working lives and that we get better every day.

So on this glorious National Octopus Day, we’re taking five minutes to raise a glass to ourselves and the business we’ve built. We hope this isn’t too self-serving, but it felt better to do it today – tomorrow’s National Mouldy Cheese Day, and we’re not sure that was the best brand fit.