Navigating the martech landscape

While marketers aren’t short of options when it comes to technology that will make their jobs easier, the abundance of choice in the market can be difficult to navigate. The result of which is that marketers often buy stuff they don’t need, don’t know how to use, or that’s wrong for the job.

Unsurprising really. As Scott Brinker’s bloated ‘supergraphic’ demonstrates, when you’re after the solution to a particular problem there’s likely to be a wide range of vendors to choose from. The 2018 version of the Martech 5000 graphic charts 6,829 solutions from 6,242 unique vendors.

Making matters worse, many of them have websites that are hard to penetrate or interpret, and it can be difficult to know what sets them apart. Even when you find the needle in the haystack, the needle doesn’t make any sense.

Martech consultancies have responded by linking marketers with tech providers to ease the process of finding and buying the right tools. There are also industry guides and events like Marketing Technology Expo that put marketers face-to-face with a range of providers, with one-on-one conversations that may help them tell products apart.

However, even in this slightly less complex environment there may not be full representation. Larger companies are always more likely to be able to pay to participate.

Enter ProMarketer, which this week held an event in the Octopus Group offices. They’re offering an alternative solution in the shape of The ProMarketer platform. It’s still in development, but eventually aims to use AI to pair marketing professionals and their martech needs with the appropriate vendors.

David Mitchell, co-founder at ProMarketer, says, ‘We know that the martech marketplace is complex and expanding. To combat that, we’ve developed a simple and accessible platform that uses AI to link marketers with the best and most relevant tech providers. We hope to see the intermediary platform create more lucrative and productive partnerships between martech providers and marketing professionals, while saving time and effort.’

The platform should give marketers a new way to cut through the glut of providers in the marketplace. It’s got to be better than the Brinker graphic, right?

You can now join the ProMarketer beta.