Octopus Group director rages against the machine

After 6 years of torture OG director, Billy Hamilton-Stent, has penned a little ditty about the continuing Southern Rail debacle.

Speaking of his ongoing torturous journey from Redhill to London, Billy said: “I think the ultimate failure is when you lose your cool with a Southern staff member and both of you have an (orderly) row. You are both powerless and both angry and you can’t help but think that someone is laughing at you ‘up there’. A little sing song can bring everyone back down to earth… maybe.”

The tune has even been picked up by BBC News, Victoria Derbyshire (39 mins in) and getsurrey.co.uk. It seems we have a musical superstar in our midst!

Now let’s all sing along…”Shame on Govia, it’s them and not us, you see. The trains would run perfectly, if they saw it differently.

*Warning contains expletives*