Octopus Group: Inside out – Part 1

Our new model for multi-disciplinary brand-to-sales communications has given everyone in the team food for thought. Over the next blogs we’ll be getting a take from staff on how they see Octopus Group, starting with Account Directors Christian, Stephen and Helen.

“Understanding brands is – and has always been – at the heart of what we do. But a bit like our namesake, we have more than one heart. Creating compelling content, great negotiation and networking skills have also been part of our portfolio. We’re now taking another step along the path once trod by PR Week when it banned AVE as a measure of success in its awards scheme. Blending the “art of brand awareness with the science of sales” is a significant step not only for us as an agency, but for the whole industry.” Christian Sharp

“Since the dawn of time (or at least the decade or two) clients have been asking PRs, “But how do you really measure the sales leads that PR generates??” and as an industry we’ve often struggled to provide a concrete solution. Finally, I think we have a genuine answer to this question. Octopus Group now has a model and strategy that enables us to join together PR, sales and marketing automation, with content at the heart to provide solid examples of how engagement converts to leads” Stephen Smith

“There are some brilliant minds in our organisation. I’m really excited about the energy and ideas that will come from us all being under one Group name and one roof. Let the fun begin!” Helen Ablett