Octopus Group: Inside out – Part 2

We’ve heard about what our new model means to some of our Directors, here we catch up with some of the Account Managers in the team to get their take on what being a manager in a brand-to-sales agency involves.

“Given the pace of change around us, I think it makes complete sense to start thinking differently about what we can offer clients to make a meaningful business impact. I also have the chance to work with new colleagues to learn new skills from their expertise. Big thumbs up “Like” from me!” Anne Ligory

“It’s an exciting time to be at Octopus Group – the company is taking the brave decision to enter new markets, which means it is a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills and broaden my experience across the PR and marketing spectrum – and have some fun along the way!” Carolann Grandison

“I’m looking forward to the increasing tech focus. As one of the organisers of Octopus Group’s Code Club, I have a strong interest in tech. I know there are lots of other tech enthusiasts in the Group whose passion is really valued by the companies we work with, so it will be great for us all to be working under one roof.”  Peter Beck

“I think the new Group structure allows us to simplify and streamline. As an analyst/influencer engagement consultant I could work in a bit of a vacuum, but I’m actually leading integrated projects across the Group. Whether it’s delivering media or analyst training, improving my skillsets in digital content, copy writing, or web design, there’s lots of ways I can input into wider campaigns.” Suze Archibald