Octopus Group: Inside out – Part 3

In the third post in our series, we hear from some of our Account Executives about why they think Octopus Group’s new direction is where they want to be.

“The changes to the group are exciting to me because they give me an opportunity to work on a wider variety of campaigns and marketing initiatives. Working with marketing, research and design experts more often will help build my skillset.” Lawrie Benfield

“I think that the new Octopus Group is the right direction for all of us and for the future of the company. The new structure will allow us, as an organisation, to tailor a team from across the group to provide the best service possible for our clients. I believe that this new structure will not only benefit our clients, but also as a Group, it will allow us to become further integrated and work together in a well-oiled machine.” Gerald Monteiro

“This is a crucial time for us AEs as we build the foundation of our careers and make our mark in the PR industry. It’s great to be part of such a positive change in The Octopus Group, experiencing first-hand how our offering will transition and the effects it will have on the work we produce for clients. I’ve already enjoyed getting stuck in to new specialist areas, such as analyst relations and social media. Technology has changed the world of business and given us endless opportunities, so it’s the best industry to be in right now!” Deborah Reid