Octopus Group launches disruptive ‘Brand to Sales’ agency model

The move turns PR on its head by replacing the traditional approach, structure and mindset with a more fluid, client-centric, discipline independent ‘brand to sales’ approach delivering the ultimate outcome for tech-savvy brands – sales growth.

A new proposition

The Brand to Sales promise connects the art of brand awareness with the science of sales, building core PR skills into a much wider service portfolio and stronger client promise. Live evaluation will help clients monitor ROI at any time.

A new client engagement

A suite of products, not services, will deliver the new client promise and clients will pay for outputs rather than time, spelling an end for the traditional timesheet. Clients will get the best solution to meet their needs in a simple and consistent way that can be scaled up or down as required, providing tangible ROI.

A new structure

A brand new agency structure to deliver the brand to sales proposition tears down silos to create fluid multi-skilled teams of Relationship Managers, Project Managers, Engagement Teams and Specialists, all operating under a central P&L. The latest technology platforms and skills will underpin everything from client services to business operations driving efficiency and agility.

Sandy Purewal, co-founder and CEO said: “After 18 months of planning, we’re really excited to put in place a fundamentally different approach to driving client value from their PR and marketing investment. Our commitment to sales outcomes goes further than any other PR agency offer. We’re changing our whole way of working with clients to deliver on our promise. This is a disruptive agency model for a new era of brand engagement”.

Francis Ingham, PRCA Director General, said: “Innovation is key to the continuing relevance of the PR agency to modern business. That’s why we strongly support this move by Octopus Group, which makes the important step of connecting brand values with sales performance”.