Watch: Octopus Group Showreel 2017

We’ve been busy over the last few months here at Octopus Group working on some very exciting campaigns. So, we thought what better way to share some of what we’ve been up to than with our brand new showreel.

Overview of creative

Anaplan – A pop-up event aligning the client’s USP to F1 reaction times and competitiveness to help drive footfall.

Bizagi – A two-minute motion tracked video to explain what Bizagi do and how they help with Digital Transformation

BlueJeans Out of Home – An example of an OOH campaign for BlueJeans to help them drive brand awareness in the UK.

BlueJeans Diagnostic – A video-based diagnostic tool that is able to determine how ‘Love Live Video’ ready you are as an organisation

ExoLens – One of nine short influencer videos that highlight the ExoLens USPs.

GLEIF – A two-minute 3D video to help explain how GLEIF can help your business identify other businesses easily using their LEI model.

Pontoon – An open source-developed website including, UX design, build, hosting, CRM integration and on-going SEO optimisation.

Projectplace – A 2D animation to dramatise the challenges ‘Accidental Project Managers’ face.

Propel – A high end short form video designed specifically for social media to help drive conversation and purchase intent for the new Propel Batwing drones.

Vodafone – One of three global digital commercials to help position Vodafone Cloud and Hosting against its competitors.

Watch the showreel

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