Octopus Group tops the PRWeek UK Top 150 2020 B2B rankings

We were very excited to find out that we topped the recent B2B list on PRWeek. Usually we’re a bit of a tech league table mainstay, but this year we decided to focus on B2B as it rightfully begins to share the spotlight with B2C.

In 2019, we had the privilege of working with some amazing B2B brands across a wide range of exciting sectors including: agritech, management consulting, fintech, payments, insurance, telecoms, recruitment, cybersecurity, L&D, martech, AI, life sciences, risk management, analytics, FX, retail, IT, HR, cloud, storage, infrastructure, alternative finance, fraud, aerospace, fashiontech, 3D printing, legal, pensions, conveyancing, data, energy, mobility and more.

And to think anyone says B2B is boring!

Some of these sectors may seem worlds apart, but the learnings from one can be applied to all the others to generate better ideas and shape best practice around the agency. Working with so many different industries keeps us on our toes and ensures the creative juices never dry up.  

I was asked by PRWeek to talk about how B2B communications might change and describe the year we’ve just had:

“We’ve had a pivotal year, both creatively and in terms of our agency offering. We had a standout awards season sweeping many of the honours with our ‘Tudder – Tinder for cows‘ campaign. To see a niche B2B PR idea become such a global hit was so satisfying.

We’ve seen a rapid take-up in our ‘brand to sales’ agency model. Last year saw us rebranding global businesses, consulting on go-to-market strategies, building major international websites and owning sales and revenue numbers all built around our core PR services. We’ve also used this growth to build out our top consulting talent in these areas.

It feels to me like B2B is stepping out of the shadows and finally realising its potential. The holding groups are talking up B2B, global PR shops are launching B2B marketing practices, and a swathe of new start-ups have emerged. This bodes well.

I think in the new world order we face, the growth of business communications will continue as technology transformation accelerates, supply chains reorganise and new business models emerge out of the COVID-19 crisis.”