OG features in Wired

We’ve just received some very, very exciting news.

As usual, I received an advance copy of the latest Wired Magazine in the post. In the 10-year anniversary edition, sandwiched somewhere between Charlie Brooker’s face and an article on how new luxury cable cars and wealthy tourists threaten a Swiss ski resort, was an article featuring Octopus Group.

Yes, OG. In Wired.  

We feature in an article about productivity and perks: ‘Perk life: why extras make business sense’. And the star of the show is Roctostock, our annual summer festival.  

“The festival is employee run and led, with staff able to chip in ideas for the following year’s festivities.”

Roctostock is our own, private festival which we set up in a field every year. We pick a theme (last year was Grease), play team games, enjoy the house band together, knock back a few bevs and camp in tents. It’s undoubtedly one of the highlights of the OG year and, as you can imagine, the stories from Roctostock are a source of amusement for many months after the event itself.

“The underlying purpose is to get people excited about working here.”

It’s great to be noticed by our peers in the tech industry. And it’s especially gratifying that what we’ve been noticed for is commitment to our people and to making OG a great place to work, since tech and our unique culture are core pillars of our business. 

So, there it is, OG in the top technology magazine’s tenth anniversary edition, on Roctostock festival’s own tenth birthday. It’s a serendipitous sign that, as the leading tech B2B agency, we’re exactly where we want to be.