One month on, it’s a seal of approval for our rebrand

It’s been a month now since we launched our new website and brand identity. Our new, vibrant, home-grown brand reflects a real tipping point for us, and the conclusion of an exciting and (if we’re honest) sometimes scary two-year journey to fundamentally change how we help our clients.

We recognised a shift in their needs, and responded by re-framing what we stood for and what we were going to become: marketing-aligned, channel-neutral and commercially-driven: the ‘Brand To Sales’ agency.

Earlier this month we hosted a launch party at Lights of Soho to reveal our new brand and website. Gordon Young, founder of The Drum made a special guest appearance and spoke about the evolving marketing landscape and how agencies like us are leading the change. He said he believed that how the industry is structured will have to fundamentally change in a post-advertising age. “The fourth industrial revolution is coming: the physical and digital are converging, and all of these unexpected outcomes will appear”.

The verdict

We’ve had some amazing feedback from clients and contacts, so we thought we’d share some of it. Please feel free to add your own view, or even better – get in touch if you’d like to explore how Brand To Sales can help you

“Congratulations on your new image/identity. It’s engaging and fresh. As you know I believe your overarching Brand to Sales approach is brilliant. I am glad you’ve kept true to that DNA.”

“Congratulations, the site looks terrific. Octopus Group’s focus on leveraging brands into sales is a perfect fit for us. I know we are still only in the first month trial of our contract, but I am very optimistic for a long fruitful collaboration!”

“Love the new branding and messaging!! Congrats to you and your team :)” 

“Congrats on the rebrand. Website feels fresh and engaging. You can feel energy emanating from the screen due to the movement, typography and colour screen. Really like it!”

“Nice rebrand, very impressive. I know from experience how hard it is for agencies to do this. Kudos.”

“I really like it. Great typography – clean, impactful and easy to navigate – congratulations Octopus Group”

“Congratulations on the rebrand!  The site looks great. Fresh and exciting but plenty of substance as well. I am excited to think that the same group that built this site is working on our site.  What a splash we will make!”

“Congrats to your branding team — what a project!”