Pete Hendrick contributes to HubSpot’s Agency Apples series

You may remember the HubSpot Podcast Pete Hendrick did a few weeks ago. Just in case you didn’t have time to listen to it, the transcript is now available to download as an ebook. Below is a cheeky little preview to whet your appetite.

“Octopus Group is changing. We have our roots in PR, but there is an old adage about how agencies demonstrate ROI and measurement. We’ve taken a step back and looked at what our clients need to deliver – and what businesses want to know – do external communications help deliver revenue?

“We’ve been developing our capabilities over the last 18 months to keep the best bits we’ve learnt from our PR heritage, while incorporating other brand communication specialisms, so we can truly deliver on our promise to clients – to make them famous and grow their sales. We apply this thinking to all clients – from innovative startups, through to multinational software giants – always keeping intelligent insight at the heart of what we do.

“Octopus Group specialises in the technology sector, and while our clients are very varied in their offerings, we are keen to play to our strengths. Tech has weathered a lot of storms, the economy has had a tough five or so years, but tech has remained buoyant throughout this time. We’ve learnt a lot from our resilient clients.

“For example, we’ve noticed startups want to emulate big blue chips, whereas the large players want to reinvigorate their marketing to be like the fresh companies pitching up on Silicon Roundabout.

“We get our insight from a range of sources, but an invaluable tool we’ve used is our Tech Council, comprised of a variety of senior execs holding different roles within the tech sector, including  an FD, CMO, CEO, tech VC, senior analyst and corporate comms director. Everyone there has something to offer and everyone has a lot to learn. These insights not only guide our campaigns and consultancy, but also helps us understand what we need to provide to our clients, and how we adapt our business strategy and talent acquisition.

“We want marketing to reflect how tech will be bought in the future, marrying up our Brand to Sales approach. From our bi-annual Tech Council dinners, we are able to put our senior execs in the mind-set of the future and get out of the day-to-day thinking. To plan for our strategic growth, we think it’s healthy to always question our strategy. We’ve also invested in research, with our Tech Heads report series, placing qualitative insights alongside quantitative data, so we have a rounded view of the tech sector from those who matter – the experts working in the field.”