PR agencies aren’t dead, they just need a rebrand

I couldn’t agree more with Danny Rogers, Editor-in-Chief of PR Week, in his blog post today.

While there is always a bit of ‘post-Cannes-PR-is-a-bit-rubbish’ sentiment at this time of year, he nails it when he calls for a rebrand of agencies, and indeed the whole profession.

That’s what we’re doing.  Instead of saying we’re a PR agency, we’re saying we stand for something bigger.  In our case, the Brand to Sales Agency.  Taking all the best bits of PR, but adding a data-driven commercial element by linking to sales.

We’re not saying PR is dead – quite the contrary – but the communications industry is changing and if we don’t adapt, more traditional PR agencies will lose business and ultimately, cease to exist.

Since our re-launch, I’ve had loads of mates and competitors in the industry saying things like “good on you”, “spot on”, “at last” and more poignantly, “I wish we could do that”.

So thanks to Danny Rogers for saying what most of PR agencyland is thinking, but not doing.  Come on fellow agencies, stand up and be counted.