PR event on turning staff into brand advocates and quick tips to get you there

On 28th June our Client Strategy Director, Billy Hamilton-Stent, will be speaking at a PRmoment’s event about how businesses can turn their staff into a communication asset. So we thought we’d blog about some of our social sharing tips for turning your employees into your brand’s biggest advocates.

When a business wants a message to spread like wildfire, it’ll often turn to its staff to get behind it.

Whether it’s a piece of good news, the launch of a new product, or a campaign boost, encouraging employees to share your brand’s message on social media is a great way to spread the word. But what can you do to increase your chances of getting that like/share/retweet from your colleagues?

1. Updates on Social Progress

So you want your colleagues to get behind what you’re saying? Well, in the beginning it’s worth telling them why you need them to support what you’re saying. Then as time goes on, give them the metrics. Tell them about new followers, retweets, and likes  – show them how they’re contributing to your brand’s growth to keep them motivated.

2. Ready-to-go Tweets and LinkedIn posts to share

Your colleagues are busy just like you, so make it as easy as possible for them to share your content on social. Rather than just asking them to share your most recent tweets and posts, send them the link to the specific message you’d like them to share – that way all they have to do is click the link and hit that retweet/share/like button, all with minimal fuss

3. One call-to-action

So you’ve just sent an all-users email asking for shares on your latest social messages, but that email hasn’t even been read let alone acted upon. If so, it could be because the email’s too long and too complicated for somebody to quickly tell exactly what it is you want them to do.

Your colleagues are busy and probably won’t have time to read your whole email – keep it simple by making that email succinct and include just one clear call-to-action in it.

4. Ask them to get involved in the content creation process

If somebody feels invested in a project, they’re more likely to care about it and share it. A good way to create that feeling is to involve them in the creation process. For example, let’s say you want them to share your next blog, you could: ask them to join you for a brainstorming session on the blog topic, or request feedback about what you should write about next, or invite them to blog about an industry topic.

5. Say thank you

Everybody likes to feel appreciated, right? Your colleagues are under no obligation to share your message on social. They’re doing it because they want to do a nice thing for you and the company, so remember to thank them for it.

If you’d like to attend PRmoment’s event on employee advocacy, you can book a ticket via the Register button below:

The seminar is taking place at 6pm on 28th June and is being held at The Century Club in London.

Here’s the agenda for the evening:

6.00pm Registration

6.30pm Chaiperson introduction – Ben Smith, Founder, PRmoment

6.35pm Using social to build a culture of brand advocacy across the business – Billy Hamilton-Stent, Director, Octopus Group

7.00pm Shaping customer perceptions through digital technologies – Ashish Babu, Director of Communications – UK & Europe, Tata Consultancy Services

7.25pm Case Study: How PR impact the sales of Western Digital – Paul Wooding, Director of Public Relations, EMEAI, WD (A Western Digital company)

7.50pm Chairpersons closing remarks

8.00pm Drinks, canepes and informal networking


Register for a ticket to the event here


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