PR isn’t dead, it just needs a freshen up

The ‘Is PR Dead?’ debate continues to roll on across the industry and is destined to be the PR blog topic of 2015.  Sorry, but here’s another one…  

The two sides are well defined. “PR is screwed” or “there has never been a better time to be in PR”. I am in camp two, as I explained in my last blog post when the moaning was getting too much.

I have noticed on my travels recently that two broad types of persona seem to emerge when this topic comes up.

Firstly, the ‘modernisers’, those who are open, naturally curious to learn, keen to embrace new technologies and thinking deeply about the future and where they fit in. Secondly, the ‘establishment’, those PR practitioners who think that tech is ‘just for the kids’ and prefer to retreat to the position that PR is too important to try and integrate with other things or, God forbid, quantify in some way.Jon Lonsdale of Octopus Group

I like the idea of being a moderniser. My own personal message to clients, colleagues and peers is to future-proof. Think ahead. Do something. Upgrade you career. Learn new skills. Rethink your departmental structure. We even wrote an eBook about it in 2014, which we’ve just updated for 2015 with new data, to encourage some action.

And while you’re at it, follow some of the other modernisers that are doing something. There is excellent work going on out there, take @wadds and the #PRStack for example,  @stellabayles and the ‘We Need A Resolution‘ team. Also, the PRCA Council, chaired by @tonylangham, are looking at some great topics this year which all chime with the modernisers’ agenda.

Whichever side of the debate you’re on, I think you will agree that our industry is going through change. If we all put our energy into thinking ahead and adapting to changes, rather than just debating them, I think we’ll be in a much better place.

And we’ll have learnt something along the way.

For more insight on staying ahead of the curve, download Future-Proofing The PR Department – updated for 2015