PRCA wins copyright battle with NLA

The European Court has finally ruled for the PRCA and Meltwater in their four-year legal case against the NLA.

The case started in January 2010 when the NLA released an extension to their license scheme which included a Web End User Licence for companies receiving online content from media monitoring organisations.

In effect, most of the PR industry.

Apparently, whenever a person views online content, a cached copy of the content is created and stored on their device, and these copies are reproductions of original work. The new licence would have required users to get the authorisation of the copyright holder to view any online content, which would be a complicated and costly process. The PRCA argued that by this argument, all internet users would be infringing copyright every day due to an unintentional technological process. The scheme would also require monitoring agencies like Meltwater Group to have a similar licence to supply online media content.

As a result, Meltwater and the PRCA took the NLA to court, in a case which has been through legal proceedings up to the Court of Justice of the European Union (more information can be found here) and was finally resolved yesterday in the PRCA’s favour.

Negotiations are now beginning to determine exactly how the ruling impacts the NLA’s model, but this ruling is a victory for the entire PR industry and the way that we work on behalf of our clients. Well done PRCA and Meltwater!