The Reading List – August 2018

Presented for your amusement and intellectual enrichment: the best pieces of writing the Octopus Group Copy Team have read in the past month. Be inspired, disgusted, entertained, or a combination of the three.

Punk’s not dead? How Vans Warped tour jumped the shark (Jenn Pelly, The Guardian)

Warped Tour was a staple of the American punk music scene for years – as well as a bit of a dream gig for UK punk bands (including the various unsuccessful ones fronted by Head of Copy, Jamie). This piece marks the end of Warped, investigating its place in US punk and its various failings, including around the diversity of the line ups. Read it now!

The un-celebrity president (Kevin Sullivan and Mary Jordan, The Washington Post)

Tired of veering from one horror story to the next regarding the current Commander-in-Chief? Frustrated by politicians living high on the hog? Or just fancy tugging your heartstrings with some cute pictures of a really old couple holding hands? A fascinating spotlight on an otherwise spotlight-avoiding ex-president. Read it now!

Green Man Festival reviews (Malcolm Jack, The Guardian and Cara McGoogan, The Telegraph)

Earlier this month, one-third of the OG copy team spent a handful of hazy summer days at Green Man Festival, soaking up more indie folk (and local craft ale) than you can shake a (Welsh) stick at. Nestled in a Brecon Beacons valley, no less, this year’s edition earned itself five stars in both The Guardian and The Telegraph – take a read and see if you can’t be tempted yourself for 2019. Hyd y tro nesaf, dyn gwyrdd!

How ‘Little Women’ got big (Joan Acocella, The New Yorker)

An epic exploration of how Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women – first published in 1869 and never out of print since – paved the way for generations (and generations) of female writers. In fact, for Ursula Le Guin, it’s one of the novel’s ‘little women’ (Jo March) who made ‘writing seem like something even a girl could do’. Read it now!