The Reading List – June 2018

Presented for your amusement and intellectual enrichment: the best pieces of writing the Octopus Group Copy Team have read in the past month. Be inspired, disgusted, entertained, or a combination of the three.

The science behind why ‘Three Lions’ is the perfect World Cup song (Chris Lochery, Shortlist)

It’s all in the simple melody, looping hooks, and minor resolutions, apparently. Whatever it is, we’re in. It’s coming home. Read it now!

50 shows to see at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018 (Brian Logan and Chris Wiegand, The Guardian)

Even if you’re not going to The Fringe this year, this list is worth a read. That way, you can keep your eyes peeled for work-in-progress shows or post-Edinburgh tours near you. The OG copy team’s recommendation is Jessie Cave – Sunrise. Read it now!

The problem with extreme male body transformations (Sirin Kale, The Guardian)

 A timely and fascinating piece on the unhealthy connotations of body transformations (with an excellent Love Island reference). Says as much about the media as it does about body image. Read it now!

Elon Musk Has Always Been At War With The Media (Caroline O’Donovan, Charlie Warzel, Ryan Mac, Buzzfeed)

An investigative and thought-provoking article about Elon Musk – who, despite reading this, I still can’t work out. He comes across as part Trump, part genius. Tricky character. Read it now!

I’ve Got Some Things to Say (The Players Tribune, Romelu Lukaku)

Not renowned for his writing, but this is an amazingly honest piece from Manchester Utd striker Romelu Lukaku. I’m not crying you’re crying…Read it now!