The Reading List – May 2019

June is here! The sun is (sometimes) out and we’re gravitating towards parks, pubs and gardens. Looking for a little reading material? Here are some of the articles that have been getting under our skin this past month. Get stuck in.

The Age of the Influencer has Peaked. It’s time for the Slacker to Rise Again (Rosie Spinks, Quartzy)

The social media influencer, side hustles and cosying up with brands… have we reached peak try-hard? This writer says that the too-cool-for-school culture of the 90s will return. Do you ‘pine for a less aspirational time’?

Atlah Church Is Classified As A Hate Group. It’s Able To Run A School Anyway. (Rebecca Klein, HuffPost)

In the US, private schools aren’t always held to the same standards as public schools, it’s up to the families that pay to hold schools accountable. But if the headmaster is also a fervent pastor for those families, are they able to? Pastor of the Atlah World Missionary Church in Harlem, James Manning, has been accused of fostering a cult-like environment among his congregation, and young students at the church school he runs are paying the price. 

A Former Alt-Right Member’s Message: Get Out While You Still Can (Rosie Gray, BuzzFeed News)

Katie McHugh achieved the seemingly impossible; fired from Breitbart News for being too racist… but she says she’s seen the light. How and why does an alt-right activist turn on her community? And what led her down the dark path in the first place? This interview digs deep.

Did you read any articles this month that made you stop and think? Let us know!