The Reading List – September 2020

Anyone else found September a confusing old month? Well, we can’t tell you whether you should be in the office, out the office, hanging out with five mates, taking a holiday (cheers, Indian summer!) or hunkering down for the winter. But we do know these were the best articles we read this month.

The election that could break America (Barton Gellman, The Atlantic)

As the first Presidential debate made clear, the discord of the 2020 election is only set to grow. And if neither candidate emerges with a clear mandate to govern, chaos and crisis will ensue – as this long (but very worthy) read explores.

Turns out dumping data centres in the ocean could be a good idea (Alex Christian, Wired)

Look, we try and keep the reading list clear of B2B tech stories, we really do. But this strategy for underwater data centres is genuinely fascinating. (Or do we just have Stockholm syndrome?)

Dreading a dark winter lockdown? Think like a Norwegian  (David Robson, The Guardian)

With the nights drawing in, are you dreading the winter to come? Take heart from the residents of Tromsø, who stay cheerful during mostly-dark days with some clever mindset shifts.

Gilmore Girls power: Why we still love this comforting classic 20 years on (Lauren O’Neil, The Guardian)

A nice piece on copy team favourite, Gilmore Girls and the joy of comfort blanket TV. Aptly timed as Gilmore Girls is basically an autumn show, really. Enjoy this while we all go to live in Stars Hollow for the next few months.