Did that really just happen?

Client Director Lisa Barber has penned some thoughts from her long awaited sabbatical:


Albert Einstein once said that time is an illusion.

I reckon he might be right.

One minute you can be staring at 40 consecutive days of work free bliss and then, quick as a flash, it’s gone. 

Time is the one thing I crave the most, but all too often use it in the worst way. I’d, therefore, have reason to feel down if I’d made bad use of my long awaited sabbatical. But I can’t complain.

I’d thought long and hard about what to do with the reward of some proper breathing space away from the rat race and when the realisation hit me that I wasn’t going to transform myself into a yoga goddess or retrain as a mechanic, the next best, and of course most appealing option, was to spend some quality time with my family.

So that’s what I did. I planned 40 days of adventures, which in a nutshell, included two gorgeous holidays and trips to zoos, the theatre, museums and numerous parks (to name just a few).

And it was fun. There was no rushing around, no commuting,  no stressing over childcare and I had the headspace to enjoy my time. 

But all good things must come to an end and now I’m back at my desk reflecting on my summer I wanted to share some things I’ve learned – so here goes:

  1. Life is really simple, but I sometimes insist on making it complicated I’m going to try and do less of that
  2. Entertaining children for six weeks is very expensive – nothing is free. When I point this out to my children they tell me I’m wrong,  “parks are free mummy”, they forget to include the car parking charges, picnic or compulsory ice creams
  3. Kids have no filter. For example just as we were about to board the plane my eldest child says “mummy how many times has a plane crashed?” I don’t think the very nervous flyer queuing in front of us appreciated the awful timing of the question especially since we had the misfortune of sitting next to him for the duration of the  four-hour flight
  4. I have discovered that I am really good at not working. Totally nailed it.
  5. I have an uncanny ability to book holidays to places where ‘incidents’ seem to happen just before I travel. I wish this wasn’t true. 
  6. Holidays in the sun are good for the soul. They are also carte blanche for drinking alcohol at virtually any time in the day without judgment 
  7. Running along the beach first thing in the morning is the best way to start a day. Fact. 
  8. KidZania is not a fun day out for adults  
  9. Wine is not available to purchase at KidZania: they really need to rethink that.
  10. That my kids are awesome. Very expensive, demanding, challenging (at times) and exhausting but awesome.

So there we have it. Turns out it wasn’t an Illusion, it really did happen and it was amazing and I’m so grateful to OG for my time. 

Plus on the bright side, as a learned colleague reminded me 2 minutes after stepping back into the office, “only another 5 more years to work and you get another one’.