Record breaking businesses

Are you a world record breaker? Probably not, most of us aren’t. But it would be pretty cool if you were, wouldn’t it? It would make a good story… as businesses around the world have discovered.

For the sake of a good story, organisations are becoming record breakers with Guinness World Records. If you can pull it off, a record is great for generating brand awareness, including PR.

Think of super-sized food and beverages that you’ve seen in the media – many of those attempts were organised and financed by food brands.

For example, last year in Sofia, Bulgaria, Mars Incorporated made a mosaic of the M&M’s logo out of 291,500 M&M’s. The effort made it into the Guinness World Records 2019 book.

But it’s not just consumer brands getting involved. Netherlands-based supplier for the semiconductor industry, ASML, recently made ‘the world’s smallest ad’. The ad was created as part of a brand awareness campaign targeting tech student recruitment prospects.

Measuring just 33.27×7.76 micrometres, the ad would easily be covered by a single strand of human hair. The advertisement was made with ASML equipment, and contained the words: ‘To Truly Go Small You Have To Think Big #Smallest_AD ASML’.

Students attending a career event at RWTH Aachen University were encouraged to share images of the ad, including the hashtag. And ASML pledged to cover a year’s worth of tuition fees for the student with the best image.

As a result of the world record, ASML saw a 50% increase in brand awareness among its target audience, as well as a 225% increase in applications for ASML career events in the first half of 2019.

The world record won’t do all the work for you; creativity and a wider campaign strategy are still required. But if you’re up to it, a Guinness World Records achievement can be a unique and fun addition to a brand awareness or engagement campaign.

Right. Time to start on that giant donut.