The Meaning of ‘Ress’ – Discover the truth behind our new favourite word

There’s a fair chance that you’ve arrived at this blog having seen our ad breaking down the word PROGRESS into PR, OG and RESS. And there’s an equally fair chance that you’re now wondering what ‘ress’ actually means.

Is it a new PR and marketing term, based on Octopus Group’s Brand To Sales methodology?

Is it how Scooby-Doo says ‘yes’?

The truth is, we’ll never know. Ress is intangible. Ineffable. Inexplicable.

But now that you’re here, give us two minutes to tell you about how Octopus Group went through a process of self-reflection and creative rebranding to define what our agency should stand for, and the services we provide.

Rewind two years

This rebrand follows a year of double-digit growth in 2016, and marks the final phase of a two-year programme to create our distinct Brand To Sales proposition. Since the summer of 2014, we’ve had a bold mission to become the UK’s category-defining B2B integrated communications agency by creating something truly different in a crowded marketplace.

This has involved restructuring our entire business under a new vision, proposition and methodology. We’ve had to create new divisions and bring in new talent to be able to offer an innovative set of services. Brand To Sales positions us as the only UK agency that helps B2B technology and professional services brands arrive at sales faster. We do this by fusing research, PR, social media, content, events and technology together, all under one roof and delivered through a bespoke approach.

Mouthfuls of our own medicine

The rebrand saw us take several healthy gulps of our own medicine, using the services we normally offer to our clients. We underwent creative concept sessions and brand workshops. We challenged ourselves to find a design approach and tone of voice that truly represented us. We involved our PR specialists, our engagement teams, the board and our creatives.

The result of that process is not just the new logo. It’s not even our new website, colour palette and branding. It’s all of that and more. This revamped way of presenting Octopus Group to our clients and the industry at large is a statement about the future of PR and marketing, about our position as The Brand To Sales Agency, and what that means today.

So there it is. There is no meaning of ress (as you possibly suspected). But we’re glad that you stopped by anyway.

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