Roctostock 2019: the best bits

On a beautiful sunny day, this year’s Roctostock brought together all the best bits from the past 10 years of the festival summer party.

As ever, we travelled to a field in the countryside where surprises waited for us. We set up our tents and got ready for some competitive fun. 

Since the theme this year was ‘Now that’s what I call Roctostock’, each team was dressed up as a different music genre: 90’s rave, disco, glam rock, hip hop, country, or pop. 


The games definitely put us through our paces. Activities included laser clay pigeon shooting, go karts, axe throwing, bucking bronco and a drumming workshop, as well as a lethal game featuring spinning bars that left us all with bruised legs and egos.


After the games, Octopedes either played rounders or sat back with a drink and waited for the evening’s headline entertainment: the Octopus Group house band (aptly named ‘Band to Sales’). In the meantime, we enjoyed burgers and chips, with veggie and vegan options for the herbivores among us.

As the evening light drew in, the drinks were flowing and the band began to play. They blew us away with the best songs from the past decade of Roctostock, including acoustic renditions and a head-slamming Nirvana tribute that induced a Rocto-mosh.


The band was over all too soon, but it’s safe to say we all got heavily involved in the performance, and the questionable dancing went on for several hours longer before the last person finally stumbled back to their tent.

We came, we saw, we moshed. Here are some of the team’s favourite moments from this year’s Roctostock (NB. Some particularly special memories have been shared in GIF form):

  • Jamie Fewery: ‘Bert’s unfortunate trouser malfunction’

[no images of Bert’s split trousers are available]

  • Stephen Smith: ‘Hilary showing incredible leadership and delivering a ‘captain’s innings’ on all tasks – shooting, axes, rodeo, and wipeout!’


  • Nicole Jones: ‘We all shed a tear at Ella and Sam’s rendition of ‘Kiss Me’


  • Giles Shorthouse: ‘Jim from American Pie (Adam Ward)…’


‘…and Nic’s solo performance of Freddie Mercury!’

  • Chief Roctostock organiser, Lydia Neil: ‘Harriet’s leotard lassoing’

Safe to say we smashed it! Here’s to another 10 years 🙂