Shadowing a global CEO for a month…yes please!

Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited along to the final morning of The Adecco Group’s Global ‘CEO for One Month’ Bootcamp in London. The Adecco Group is one of my clients here at OG and we have been working on the ‘CEO for One Month’ campaign for a few years now.

The global initiative, which sees one individual earning the title of Global ‘CEO for One Month’, is designed to help give people real-world experience of working for The Adecco Group, providing them with a lifechanging opportunity and boosting their employability at the same time.

Applications opened in February for people all over the world to enter the programme to become the ‘CEO’ of The Adecco Group in their relevant country, with over 200,000 entries. After completing this assignment, ten were chosen to come to London and attend the rigorous bootcamp. The culmination of this was last week’s event which saw the final five giving a speech about their experience of the programme and their thoughts for the future.

The final five were truly inspirational to listen to. With big plans to change the world and impressive ideas on the future of the workplace, any of them could have been announced as the Global ‘CEO for One Month’. And there wasn’t a hint of nerves in any of the speeches! I think I speak for everyone in the audience when I say that I would have struggled to be that articulate at the beginning of my career. It was really impressive to watch.

This year’s Global ‘CEO for One Month’ is Lisa Frommhold from Germany. She will now get the opportunity to shadow Adecco Group CEO, Alain Dehaze – travelling all around the world attending strategy meetings and business reviews. What an amazing opportunity!

Registration for next year’s programme opens in February 2019, so get your thinking hats on for someone to put forward!