The six-point plan to deliver real value to your business

Marketing challenges come in many different shapes and sizes, whether it be keeping up with competitors, getting to grips with the latest technological innovations, or responding to internal requirements from stakeholders.

But often, it’s the relationship between sales and marketing that can cause the biggest headaches. Sales relies on marketing to bring in leads, but not just any leads – high quality leads. This relies on having a long-term content strategy in place, but often these demands leave marketers only looking through a short-term lens, for the sake of gaining quick wins.

Our series of blogs dedicated to breathless marketers focused on this very issue. Left unchecked, sales support can soak up every last drop of your capacity. So, to overcome this, introduce a structure of your own and stipulate informal service-level agreements with sales leaders so everybody knows what’s what.

Communicate, listen, research

The difficulty is, everyone in the business has different needs meaning you’re pulled in lots of different directions. So here’s how to build out a comprehensive plan in six easy steps that will appease everyone (and help you breathe again):

  1. Communicate: Identify the business needs by asking the necessary questions to the board
  2. Meet: Listen to each department and understand what they need from marketing
  3. Look around you: Audit your marketing department: staff, budgets… what needs to change?
  4. What BRILLIANT looks like: Figure out what future you want for the business, and how to get there
  5. Review the results from these four steps to design a marketing plan responding to the needs, issues and goals you came up with earlier
  6. Communicate, more: Bring this fresh plan to each board member, listen to their feedback.

With all the research you’ve done to come up with this marketing plan, you’ll have a strategy that’s in harmony with the state of the business…and everyone’s expectations.

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