Stuck on sticky notes

Earlier this month the world’s population was officially outnumbered by mobile phones. This slightly bewildering fact is evidence that we’re going through something of a golden age for communications. Never before has it been easier to say ‘hi’ to your fellow man that’s half way across the globe. While this is undeniably a good thing – who doesn’t like the notion of cheap and accessible communication for all? We humans are social animals by nature. We’re at our most comfortable talking face-to-face; that’s why we all still make an effort to attend important meetings in person. What all of this means is that when the plethora of modern communications – email, SMS, IM – gets too much, we can quite often get a sense of ‘digital detachment’.


In order to remedy this feeling, the Octopus Group team recently took inspiration from various ‘post-it wars’ and set about communicating with our neighbours at 200 Grays Inn Road, ITN, using the common language of icons. We pride ourselves on our media relations, but we’re taking it to a new level. With abundant window space as our canvas and a wedge of multicolour sticky notes in hand, we set about posting a range of widely known video games characters. First off, we filled a window pane with the familiar yellow shape of Pac-Man. IMG_2154 Lo and behold, our neighbours responded with a Pac-Man ghost! IMG_2155 This in turn prompted us to create some extra ‘Pac-Food’ including a cherry. IMG_2720 This has continued back and forth for almost a month, resulting in over a dozen unique post-it creations and a kind of mutual admiration between the offices. IMG_2714IMG_2715 IMG_2718IMG_2717 IMG_2746 Most recently we hand delivered to our neighbours a package chock full of variously coloured sticky notes to keep the conversation going. While in some ways this is just a fun activity for a Friday afternoon, it does also help to go back to basics from time to time. So why not give it a go, take a break from what can sometimes seem like an overload of digital channels and get posting.