Taking the inside out with the Brand to Sales Academy

At OG, we’re passionate about being the best integrated marketers we can be, and we’re a bit evangelical about our Brand to Sales philosophy on tech marketing. 

Internally, we run a structured training programme called the Brand to Sales Academy, which equips all Octopedes with the toolkit they need to be a great technology marketer. It covers brand and strategy, campaign planning, PR, social media, marketing automation, website marketing, writing tips, and more.

The Academy is a roaring success and we think it’s one of the best things we do. A few clients have even asked us to share some of the content with their teams… which got us thinking about how we could be helpful to the marketing community, particularly while many of us work from home.

That’s why we’re hard at work producing a set of Brand to Sales Academy course guides to share with you all. We’re not writing marketing manuals here, or indeed teaching anyone to suck eggs – we’re just providing some pointers, hints and approaches we encourage all our staff to remember and use when advising clients in different areas.

We’ll also make our specialist team leads here at the agency available for 121 Zoom chats. Book here to talk through anything specific – it’s a bit of free advice to set you on the right path. 

We’ve got several of these course guides underway, but to start you off, here’s one on How to Create a Website that Drives Leads.

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