Tech Heads: choosing a supplier

After trawling the marketplace, attending IT events and speaking with tech analysts, it’s time for B2B tech buyers to shortlist a few promising suppliers and discuss their choices with their colleagues. According to our research, it’s practical factors that tend to cause the most conflict at this stage.

Our 2019 Tech Heads report: Clash of the Tech Heads looks at the different buying personas that make up the B2B tech buying committee. We surveyed 600 professionals responsible for IT-related purchases at businesses in the UK and the US to find out how best to communicate with each persona.

Less than a quarter (23%) of tech buyers say that the cultural fit of a product (or lack thereof) can lead to conflict, compared with almost half (45%) who say that conflict is caused by integration with other systems.

Ultimately, businesses go for the supplier offering the product which best fits their needs, or that offers the best value for money. But brand reputation is also important.

For 76% of businesses, it’s important that they buy into the brand and vision of the supplier, and three-quarters agree that it’s important to choose an established brand. At the same time, 74% are more likely to consider niche brands than they were two years ago.

To find out more about each tech buyer persona and the best ways to reach them, download the free report today.