Tech Heads Event: What Makes Businesses Buy From Each Other

Hand on heart, can you answer the ‘Five Ws’ of your business’s buyers?

Who is your business’s buyer? What steps do they take before buying? Where do they go for their information? When do they do it? And why?

I first heard about the Five Ws at primary school. We leafed through newspapers and tried to spot the who, what, where, when and why in each article. Decades later and I’m thinking about them again as I prepare for Octopus Group’s Tech Heads 2015 launch event.

As more and more marketers take their SEO cues from journalists, and buyers spend longer researching online before purchasing, the Five Ws of effective information gathering unite the two.  Tech Heads , our beloved annual look at B2B content consumption and buying intentions, builds on the basics of the Five Ws to give marketers a brain boost for campaign planning.

Here’s the vital info you need to know about its launch event.

What is Tech Heads exactly?

Tech Heads is an annual study into what makes B2B businesses buy and the information they access to get to a decision. It’s published by Octopus Group.  It gives us goose bumps just thinking about the data!

This year’s launch event will feature a presentation of the findings, and a panel discussion with guests from Accenture, B2B Marketing, and Gamma.

Who’s attending?

The Tech Heads event is attended by senior marketing and comms professionals that value data, debate and networking.  People that really care about using brand and content to influence sales.  That’s what we’re all about and where the problems that need to be solved pop up. (And yes, there is wine and beer, too!)

Octopus Group is the host, but the real value is in the contribution of the people in the room and the discussions shared during the afternoon.  Minimum PowerPoint, maximum participation!

If that sounds like your kind of event, you can register for a ticket hereUPDATE: This event has now passed, but you can download the Tech Heads report here.

Where is it?

It’s at Home House, a private members’ club in central London.

So when’s it happening?

1pm on Thursday 8th October 2015.


Because business buying habits change. Trends come, trends go, and we stay ahead of the curve by digging deeper. We speak to the key decision makers and answer those Five Ws every time.

Download our Tech Heads report