The 5 People Behind Highly Effective Inbound Marketing Campaigns

You can make inbound marketing your best or worst strategy.

Inbound marketing gives you a fully-fledged digital marketing campaign that delivers relevant messages to your audience and excellent results, as shown here in this study by inbound pioneers HubSpot. However, the rub is that it requires a diverse skillset in your team. Assembling a sterling team of inbound marketers is crucial to getting results, but it’s very easy to get wrong. Who do you hire? What skills and experience do you look for?

We took centre stage, alongside HubSpot, at a ScotlandIS Inbound Marketing Week event, and outlined the fundamentals for inbound marketing success, including assembling the right team of people to make it happen.

Let’s take a look at the people you’ll need:

  • First of all, every member needs to have a sound knowledge of digital tools and how they all fit together. Inbound marketing campaigns have lots of moving parts, such as email, blogging, landing pages and data management. I’m not saying that everybody needs to know exactly how the technology works for each, but they need to be confident when using them, learning new ones, and analysing the results
  • Each person needs to be a content creator and distributor. Content that appeals to your audience is at the heart of inbound activity. They don’t have to rival Billy Shakespeare’s prose or have media mogul levels of influence, but they need to be able to come up with engaging content ideas and know how to generate buzz around them.

The players in that team:

  • Inbound champion: Somebody to project manage inbound marketing campaigns, develop personas of the key customers you’re trying to reach, develop the messaging for those personas, and report on the effectiveness of the whole campaign
  • Brand engagement specialist: A social media pro that knows how to engage key influencers in your market and generate buzz and coverage for your business
  • A brilliant writer: Somebody that can write engaging short, mid-length and long copy whether it be for blog posts, emails, eBooks, case studies or video storyboards
  • An awesome designer: All that great copy needs to be brought to life so you need somebody that’s well versed in designing for websites, video, presentations, email and more
  • All-round campaign optimiser: One of the reasons inbound marketing is so successful is because it’s data-driven. The campaign tools give you a wealth of information about what’s resonating with your audience and what can be improved, so you need somebody who’s experienced in analysing the results and getting the most out of your emails, marketing automation software, website, blogs and CRM.

Once you’ve built a team that’s full of those skills, you need a plan to follow. Below is our deck on the formula for inbound marketing success:

For more insight, dowload our guide How To Build A Winning Inbound Marketing Team

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