The anatomy of a content strategy: how well does it perform?

We’re now well into autumn, and for some of us into the last half of the financial year and, for some marketers, the question of how to keep your content fresh and keep your followers coming back for more may be starting to crop up.

We all know that if your website content and design is bad, your prospective customers and clients will be put off.

Here, Suzannah Archibald, influencer marketing manager at Octopus Group takes a look at why and how often you should refresh your site content and the importance of thinking about your heart, head and the feelers you put out on the web, to ensure your content is on point for your audience.

Assess your content fitness – how much ‘heart’ does it have?

Studies, including our group’s own Tech Heads report, find that 76% of CIO’s want more personal engagement from vendors.

Meaning? Don’t market to them, but speak to them as living, breathing human beings. (see more findings from our recent Tech Heads Human CIO infographic here)

Think of the “guts” of your website…does your site’s blog or content pages you have enough content to digest over many content-based visits?

Hubspot has shown recently that on average, over 55% of website visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a company’s website assessing its merits.

Think about conducting some site visit or A/B tests with members of your team who aren’t already in Marketing/PR based roles.

Can someone from your Ops team engage with your site’s content? Ensure that you have at the very least conducted some initial persona research about who your site audience is, and if you are striking the right tone to engage with your audience in a meaningful way.

Does your content have legs? Are you making a clear call to action?

Seeding your content out and enabling others to hear about your key messages in more ways than just owned and earned media is one way Octopus tries to practice what we preach.

Are you clearly engaging not just on your owned channels but across others?

We have recently started offering assessments for clients and prospects on whether your strategic content marketing efforts are fit for purpose.

Click here if you’d like to learn more, and have us conduct a Content Marketing Diagnostic for you.

Think of your content strategy a bit like personal health and fitness – you have to put the work in to see the results of that labour. And reap the long-term rewards.