The Christmas-lover’s Guide to Festive Adverts 2015

For those of you who, like me, already have your tree up, tinsel dripping from every corner of your house and have had Michael Buble’s Christmas album on repeat since approximately November 15th, I am pleased to announce that I am here to provide you with the optimistic guide to this year’s Christmas ads. All of a sudden, hating Christmas has become the cool new thing to do for all the hipsters out there who totally just can’t partake in anything as mainstream as Christmas. I mean come on, something that 2.1 billion people celebrate – that’s almost as mainstream as liking Justin Bieber. I can hear the whispers of ‘it’s just another consumerist holiday’ as I write, but alas, I am here to return some sparkle to the ads tarnished by these venomous creatures.

John Lewis

Where do we even begin? Before I even sat down to watch this advert, I had a box of tissues at my side and a counsellor on speed dial for the emotional upheaval at hand. Known for their gut-wrenchingly brilliant adverts, John Lewis did not disappoint this year. This advert reminds us we shouldn’t forget those who will be alone this Christmas. Not everyone is surrounded by loved ones at this time of year and this ad gets to the heart of what is really important at Christmas time. Perhaps the Grinch doesn’t like this advert as it hits a little too close to home!


Even though they are parodying John Lewis’ ‘Man on the Moon’, I still love it because I was kind of hoping that the ending of the original advert would pan out something like this. Also, do Aldi really sell telescopes?


This year, Sainsbury’s pulled out all the stops with the return of childhood favourite, Mog. The adorable little cat may be clumsy and chubby but the family still love him – a message perhaps a lot of us can relate to around Christmas time. This advert is too cute for words. P.S. Emma Thompson can you narrate my life forever please?

Harvey Nichols

We’ve all been there, that’s why it’s funny. Although, why is she #giftfacing about Grandma’s knitted jumper? Doesn’t she know that oversized Granny chic is so in right now?


Who doesn’t want to be at the party where James Corden, Julie Walters and that one from Downton Abbey are jumping around on a trampoline being sprayed with glitter? We would all be there if we could. Burberry taps into the glamour of Christmas and I just love it.


Let’s all face it. We’re all going to gain a stone in fat over the Christmas period, so let’s revel in the vast amounts of chocolate we will be consuming over the next month. Cadbury’s ‘Cadvent Calendar’ just reminds us that we’re never too old to get excited about opening another door of our advent calendar.


Sorry to have to do this, but even I can’t defend this one. It’s literally Katy Perry’s California Gurls music video changed to a different season minus Snoop Dogg. Nothing is ever better without Snoop Dogg. So there you have it ladies and gentlemen – Merry Christmas!