The evolution of client services

As anyone working in marketing or comms can attest, the day job has changed – things are more complex, demands more immediate, and pressure to deliver is constantly on the increase. Clients and agencies are constantly asked to innovate and think differently, integrate planned activity with existing marketing and CRM tools, and deliver sales pipeline and net new sales… all in addition to the usual increased brand awareness, perception change and market preference.

For us, it’s all positive stuff because it means that comms and marketing have become integral and accountable to Octopus Group’s client services. We’re expected to deliver real results and demonstrate a positive impact on the bottom line. But it also presents challenges, and one of the key takeaways from our recent client chats has been the need to bring multiple elements of a campaign – and the agencies who provide these services – together in a seamless way to deliver the all-important results.

Clients talk about it being a fine balance between brilliant creative ideas, experience of what works and water-tight processes.  And it was with this feedback in mind that we decided to go right back to basics andtook a hard look at how we deliver our services to clients.  As a result, we’ve completely restructured our business from top to bottom, introducing a model that gives clients access to discipline experts, such as content creators, research specialists, creative directors and digital programmers combined with a project management interface that brings everything together into a structured, campaign-driven model lead by people who know the client business and the wider industry inside-out.

We know that clients buy people, ideas and results, and we’ve built Octopus Group with that in mind, with a new approach that means they get the best of all three, in a succinct and fully integrated model.