The five people that make up a winning marketing team

No matter what your business objective is; whether it’s to rapidly dominate the marketplace, or build a robust, longer-term brand strategy, the ultimate goal has to be revenue growth – but it can’t be done without sales’ trusty side-kick; marketing.

Marketing is a multifaceted function comprising many different components. In recent years, it’s become more complex to attract the right kind of customers across the multiple channels available, such as UX, search marketing, inbound and social media. No wonder marketers are pulling their hair out at the thought of trying to measure their impact on lead generation…

Remodelling the status quo

Thus in reality, the only way to achieve commercial success is for sales and marketing to work together as one team. As a consequence, marketers feel part of the process and are able to truly identify the influence their activity has on the sales pipe – that’s marketing’s raison d’être, right?! Many organisations are beginning to adopt this approach and restructure their once siloed sales and marketing departments, as Nuffield Health’s Marketing Director told Marketing Week recently; “We have gone from a vertical structure that operated in silos and flipped it on its head so that all my team now works horizontally across the whole of Nuffield Health.”

Similarly, as a typical fast-growth organisation, HelloFresh has honed in on identifying specific marketing capabilities at the recruitment stage, in order to maximise resource. This approach ultimately contributes to a more effective and productive output. We have identified what these specific capabilities are in order to get the maximum value from your inbound marketing investment.

Components of a winning marketing team

The five personas we’ve identified you need in your team are:

  1. Inbound champion
  2. Brand engagement specialist
  3. A brilliant writer
  4. An awesome designer
  5. An all-round campaign optimiser

Whilst these are different personas, everyone in the team must possess a sound knowledge of digital tools, be a content creator and distributor, and crucially be commercially aware. To find out more about these personas and what skills to look out for, download our eBook ‘How to build a winning marketing team’.