The Octopus Doesn’t Wear Prada: Story of an Octo-Intern

We’ve all seen those movies and heard the tales about internships – being invisible, doing pointless work, making tea all day and “paying your dues”.

Armed with this as my portfolio of examples, it’s not surprising that when I walked into my interview at Octopus Group I was half expecting a fabulously dressed Meryl Streep to turn around in her intimidating swivel chair and tell me how unimpressed she was with my Media Studies degree. But Meryl never showed up.

My internship with Octopus Group has never once felt like I was paying my dues. From the start, I was working on interesting accounts, writing press releases and meeting clients. My first day at the agency I went to an internal brainstorm. I was blown away by the sheer amount of knowledge and creativity that everyone had, it was like being in a room filled with marketing-style Steve Jobs characters. I learned so much in that first brainstorm and it’s really what got me so pumped to be interning at Octopus (and the never-ending supply of treats on the table didn’t hurt either).

The technology sector is exciting and engaging to work in as it’s ever-changing – just think how many iOS updates there have been in the past two years. There’s always something different going on with our clients day-to-day and ‘bored’ isn’t a term you hear in the office. I learned so much about the tech industry and we all use technology so much in our lives that working with clients who specialise in it starts to make sense very quickly.

It seems basic, but one of the most impressive things about Octopus Group to me is that people actually learned my name. Everyone is happy to help and answer questions (even the obvious ones!) and people go out of their way to make you feel welcome – not to mention the very regular social activities and Ping-Pong table.

I’ve had exposure to so much since joining Octopus: I’ve written for the company newsletter, landed coverage in national publications, gone to a PR briefing for – the list goes on and on. A strong internship is a brilliant way to start your career in the PR/Marketing industry and my OG experience was the best introduction I could have asked for.

I have yet to run into Meryl Streep, but I’ll keep you posted.