The Reading List – April 2019

What with the Easter bank holiday this month, we hope you had the time to read lots of fascinating articles. But if you were, instead, too busy enjoying the beautiful sunshine or kicking back with Heat magazine on a beach somewhere then have no fear – we’ve compiled some of our favourite, thought-provoking articles from the past month. In the likely scenario that May’s bank holidays are grey and drizzly, grab a cup of tea and feed your brain with these insightful pieces: 

Researchers Are Translating Brain Activity Into Speech (Chia-Yi Hou, OneZero)

Scientists are getting closer towards developing a computer-generated tool that allows people with severe speech impairments  to communicate verbally. It works by decoding brain signals from movements made while speaking, then translating those movements into sounds. What’s the story? 

Sexism in Advertising (Rachel Cooke, The Observer)

Despite the vast majority of purchasing decisions being made by women, the advertising industry is still dominated by men. How far have we come and how far do we still have to go? This article includes comment from influential women in this space. Find out more.   

The Teenager Schooling World Leaders on Climate Change (Great Big Story)

You probably will have heard of Greta Thunberg. At only 16, she recently received a nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize. This video demonstrates what’s so extraordinary about this young girl who started a global movement against climate change, leading strikes among school-aged children. Watch the video. 

Teachers shape young lives. It’s disgraceful that we’ve let them become so demoralised (Sathnam Sanghera, The Times)

Teachers, who give so much to their jobs, are often taken for granted. Despite, or perhaps because of, reporting high levels of job satisfaction, teachers aren’t supported as they should be. This writer speaks to his own personal experience of a teacher that went far beyond the call of duty. Read more.   

Avenging Emily Doe (Julia Ioffe, HuffPost Highline)

A new take on the rape case against Brock Turner, this thorough article looks at an ongoing attempt to recall Aaron Persky, the judge who oversaw the conviction. What begins as a situation that appears black and white quickly takes on shades of grey. Read more.    

Did you read anything this month that made you stop and think? Let us know!