The Reading List – August 2019

Here we are again with your monthly dose of uplifting, heart-warming… oh, okay maybe not. But, we have some great reads for you, sure to tickle your mind with challenging, compelling, and complex thoughts and feelings — from reflections on age, to why we may have lost our battle with the brands, and some controversial opinions around contraception from the Medium platform. Let us know what you think.   

No Logo at 20: have we lost the battle against the total branding of our lives? (Naomi Klein, The Guardian)
How far have we come since Klein’s debut, No Logo? Are these conversations still relevant or are we, in the words of Sum 41, in too deep? This new, logo-less ad by Doritos tells you all you need to know…  

“Old age” is made up — and this concept is hurting everyone (Joseph F. Coughlin, MIT Technology Review)
Why the design set are getting products for older people oh so wrong. Move over, clunky, beige, ugly yet practical products, you’re turning everyone off! 

Channel 4 stars wryly bring to life genuine complaints made against them (Imogen Watson, The Drum)
In a genius marketing move, Channel 4 created a video of its stars addressing awful complaints made about them. It’s cheeky, funny and rebellious – all while promoting diversity – perfect for the channel that predominantly targets liberal, young viewers. 

In other ad-world news, and also by The Drum’s Imogen: ‘Philadelphia and Volkswagen first to fall foul of ASA’s gender stereotyping rules‘.

Men Cause 100% of Unwanted Pregnancies (Gabrielle Blair, Medium)
Sure, it’s a provocative title. But Gabrielle makes some thought-provoking points on how the burden of not falling pregnant lies entirely with women, and whether there’s anything we can do to even the playing field.

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