The Reading List – July 2019

July’s been a scorcher, and climate change has got us heading for the hills. Why not distract yourself from imminent disaster with the month’s best reads, including marketing tips, life tips, and brand guidelines for our shiny, new prime minister.   

Improve Your Email Click-Through Rate With These 14 Simple Tweaks (Neil Patel, Neil Patel Digital)

Marketing guru Neil Patel gives clear, informed advice on almost every aspect of marketing. This article shows you how to improve email click-through rate in 14 easy-to-follow steps.  

What Do 90-Somethings Regret Most? (Lydia Sohn, Medium)

Do they regret not spending enough time at work? Do they regret not eating enough chocolate cake? Author of this Medium post, Lydia Sohn, is surprised by what she learns from interviews with elderly members of her parish. 

Customer experience, Amazon’s ad business, sustainable purchasing: 5 killer stats to start your week (Erin Lyons, Marketing Week)

Supermarket sales have fallen for the first time in three years, and 69% of British consumers aged between 16 and 44 are more likely to buy an item if information about its sustainability credentials is available. These and other stats from the marketing world in this Marketing Week article. 

Boris: The Brand (HUGE and Getty Images)

Want to know what brand Boris looks like? Well it looks like this. This microsite is a great piece of work from HUGE marketing agency and Getty Images, distilling Boris into brand guidelines.

None of these tickle your fancy? Why not take a look at last month’s list. The article about is particularly good…