The Reading List – June 2019

Are you going to Glastonbury this weekend? Unlikely, unless you’re some kind of super-organised, Excel-sheet-using, super-fast-wi-fi ninja. So why not spend the weekend reading some of June’s best articles? This month we’ve got reflections on modern media, social trends and everything you need to know about the ‘hun’.  

Who will pay for trusted news? (Rory Cellan Jones, BBC)

The good news is that people are worried about misinformation, and are willing to seek out reputable, trustworthy news sources. The bad news? They’re still not willing to pay for it. 

The Wild Ride at Babe.Net (Allison P. Davis, The Cut)

Whatever happened to Babe.Net, the controversial publication for young women that broke the Azis Ansari story? A male leader and a party culture that blurred work and personal life led to a problematic environment that was more exploitation than empowerment post-#MeToo. 

Instagram lets you see what it thinks you like, and the results are bizarre (Chloe Bryan, Mashable)

This article is not very thought-provoking. But it is funny. If you’ve not yet looked up your Instagram ad settings then do it now, and find out that you’re into Mexican wrestling, pickling and Arctic cruises. 

Smack my Pitch Up (Alex Myers, Incite)

Paying agencies for pitches – wishful thinking or an efficient solution to an industry-wide problem? Alex Myers, founder and CEO at Manifest, argues that industry-wide adoption of a pay-per-pitch model would benefit and protect agencies, and help brands secure better outcomes.    

A Brief History of the Hun, the Most Relatable Woman in Britain (Hannah Ewens, Vice)

What’s behind the UK’s love of the hun? Britain’s answer to ‘basic’ and the evolution of the ‘ladette’, the hun doesn’t put on a poised, public face. Despite striving for self-improvement, she publicly succumbs to the same, everyday vices we all do, and has fun doing it. Long live the hun!   

It’s not an article per se, but you may have noticed the recent ‘Twitter story’ trend. Here’s a surprising and uplifting example.