The Reading List – March 2018

Presented for your amusement and intellectual enrichment: the best pieces of writing the Octopus Group Copy Team have read in the past month. Be inspired, disgusted, entertained, or a combination of the three.

Does Having a Day Job Mean Making Better Art? (Katy Waldman, The New York Times)

For those who want to mine daily life for their art, a second job becomes an umbilical cord fastened to something vast and breathing.” A terrific piece about artists and their day jobs – and succour for anyone who has an artistic or creative side-line.

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Your First Thought Is Rarely Your Best Thought: Lessons on Thinking (Farnam Street)

Interesting piece about making time to think. Find out the meaning of “first-order negative, second-order positive” and why making time to think works in the long-term.

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Who was Katsuko Saruhashi?  (Andrew Griffin, The Independent) 

When a recent Google doodle honoured Dr. Katsuko Saruhasi on her 98th birthday, we couldn’t help but be wowed as we discovered more about this brilliant scientist. A pioneer not just in science, but in making the field she worked in more equal for all.

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The Royal Wedding: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers to Everything You Ever Wanted to Know — and Some Things You Didn’t (Sarah Lyall and Elizabeth Paton, The New York Times)

Can I go? Is Donald Trump invited? What do the royals actually do? A hilariously interactive compendium of everything you need to know about this year’s royal wedding. Fill your boots.

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Introducing the Monzo Tone of Voice (Harry Ashbridge, Monzo)

Not often we highlight another company’s blog post here, but this tone of voice piece from Monzo writer, Harry Ashbridge, provides transparent insight into how companies like theirs are changing the voice of finance. It links off to some other brilliantly crafted resources, too, and various media outlets have picked up on the piece as well. Kudos, Monzo and Harry.

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Campaign Against Living Miserably

Back to the serious stuff for a minute. Did any of you see those sculptures on the ITV Southbank building? Then please check out Project 84 from Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), a bold, brilliant, much-needed campaign.

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