The Reading List – March 2019

Presented for your amusement and intellectual enrichment: the best pieces of writing Octopus Group has read in the past month. Be inspired, disgusted, entertained, or a combination of the three with our reading list.

Everyone’s a copywriter. Right? (Clare Barry, Medium)

This thought-provoking article lays down some of the oft repeated yet seldom questioned feedback and suggestions that copywriters get on a day-to-day basis. Feedback which is often misjudged, rooted in lessons learnt long ago at school or university. Effective copy should not be sacrificed at the altar of the grammar gods, and these examples prove it. Find out more!

Tara Fares: The murder of an Instagram star (Alma Hassoun, BBC)

A random murder or part of a wider effort to keep progressive people, particularly women, down in modern-day Baghdad? This article weighs up all the options in what is ultimately the story of the unjust death of a young girl representing a generation that has seen and experienced too much. Read it here.

Extreme loneliness or the perfect balance? How to work from home and stay healthy (Dale Berning Sawa, The Guardian)

We asked for the opportunity to work from home and, for many of us, that’s become a possibility, but what are the implications for our mental and physical health and wellbeing? Loneliness is one of the issues brought up by this The Guardian article. Delve into it here.

Diversity with June Sarpong: how the workplace can work better for women (Produced and directed by Veronica Kan-Dapaah. Directed, edited and filmed by Tom Hannen, Financial Times)

June Sarpong recently received acclaim for her Diversify book, which speaks to the value of diversity in relation to business. In this Financial Times series she speaks eloquently on the subject, including how ethnic diversity intersects with feminism, and looks at tangible options for improving diversity in the workplace. Watch the video here. 

Let us know if you’ read anything particularly original or poignant this past month, we’d love to hear about it.