The Reading List – March 2020

This edition of the reading list will be (almost) coronavirus free because, let’s face it, we all need a break. As ever, we’re drawn in by alternative or under-documented points of view and fresh outlooks. For example, why are Tayto crips such an important symbol of Irish identity? And have we reached ‘peak DJ’? Read on to find out more.   

A tale of two Taytos: How an anthropomorphic crisp became a symbol for Irish identity (Róisín Lanigan, Prospect)
How a half-man half-crisp in a suit became a symbol of the Irish diaspora – and an important part of Brexit deliberations

Welcome to ‘Peak DJ’, Where Even Department Stores Have In-House DJs (Ryan Bassil, Vice)
Today, the DJ is everywhere: in restaurants, bars, hotels, office spaces, launch events, high street shops and gyms. As one senior account director said: “Getting a DJ for a brand is pretty standard now.”

Relationships Move Fast on a Slow Cargo Ship (Brian Rea, The New York Times)
A story about how taking a spontaneous trip on a freight ship was the best course of action for one new couple.  

Travel from your armchair: see the world’s natural wonders in real time without leaving your house (Amelia Duggan, National Geographic)
Luckily for those of us experiencing wanderlust, webcams can act as live portals to natural vistas far grander than those offered up by our windows. Here are some of the best.

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